• Website hosting and domain purchasing

    I have been using MediaTemple for more than 6 years. Their customer support is out of this world. Check my little video intro.

  • Online Project Management

    • Basecamp has been my number 1 project management tool for nearly 10 years. Easy and does everything I need. (Plenty of training on Outsourcing All Stars)
    • Asana is made by one of the original Facebook founders. People rave about it but I don’t love it.
    • Trello is a more visual approach to project management. It’s nice.

  • Online File Storage

    • Dropbox. If you don’t have this you’re at a distinct disadvantage. (Plenty of training on Outsourcing All Stars)
    • Google Drive is super popular and free.
    • Box (formerly is great for larger teams.

  • Recommended Books for Outsourcers and start-ups

    • $100 Start-up (Chris Guillebeau)
    • The 7 Day Start-up (Dan Norris)
    • Switch (Dan Heath and Chip Heath)
    • The Dip (Seth Godin)
    • Virtual Freedom (Chris Ducker)
    • And of course… 4 Hour Work Week (Tim Ferris)

  • Online training courses

    • Online Marketing – Amy Porterfield
    • Social Media Experts – Michael Stelzner
    • Lifestyle Shaping – Tim Ferris

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